Breaking Dimensions is excited to launch our new company website!

We here at Breaking Dimensions do a lot more than just break dimensions, we break all sorts of things! Controllers, the game build, hearts – but mostly just breaking the game build.

Here you’ll find information about our new IP, get to know the developers, and keep current on what’s happening in our world.

We’ll get you started with a few quick facts about the founder of Breaking Dimensions, Garett Marks:

  • Based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Worked previously as the Narrative Designer for Slender: The Arrival and Valley.
  • Partners with other local developers, Polygon Dust, to create awesome indie games
  • Obsessed with dinosaurs – specifically the Utahraptor, which is essentially the species of raptor portrayed in Jurassic Park.
  • Knows the full lyrics to the Ducktales theme song.

We’re pretty sure that’s everything you need to know!

Keep posted for upcoming news about our new IP, Oakwood.